Civil Engineering is one the best discipline in engineering. But if you apply civil engineering knowledge without sense of humor than it can bring great mistakes like that those in the pictures below. After seeing the photos/images you might think who gave them engineering degrees?

Lets have a look to the 10 disastrous Civil Engineering mistakes.

10. A bridge where you might need to take 90 degree turn to be within the bridge.

90 degree bridge


09. A staircase built only to help the thieves through the window of the house

mistake civil engineering


08.  No purpose staircase hanging from the wall

staircase mistake


07. Urinals are placed so that you can watch others …. while peeing

urinals mistake


05.  Where will you go if you have a ride on this?

civil engineering mistakes


04.  What a railway? Where to Miss?(Dialogue from Titanic)zig zag railway


03.  Who will drive a train in this railway line?

blocade on arailway line


02. A window by which you can see nothing!!!

blocked window


01. A staircase to go to the sky!!!



So, Engineers, please do not try this at home!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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