Practice is very important if you want to pass FE Civil Exam. FE Civil Exam questions are more or less similar to the undergraduate questions and problems but without practicing certain types of topics you can not make yourself fully prepare for the exam. For those who already completed undergraduate several years ago, it is very tough for them to get accustomed to the terminologies of the books and hence often they fail to pass the FE Civil Exam.

The following PDF document contains 20 practice problems. These problems are based on real exam situations and are multiple choice. You can solve the problems by yourself but if you fail, don’t worry. There is a solution given just after each of the FE Civil Practice Problem and you can practice it.

Download 20 FE Civil Practice Problems with Solutions PDF

Please keep in mind, if do not practice a lot of FE Civil Problems, it is most likely that you are not going to crack the exam on the first try.