If you are preparing for the FE Civil Exam, then you need to practice a lot of problems. May be you have seen that all of the review courses and books are too costly.Therefore bookscivil.com has taken an initiative to accumulate some of the common practice problems for the FE Civil Exam. Practice these questions. Intentionally, I am not giving you the answers. All you need to do is to take the problems as a challenge. Solve the FE Civil Exam problems and comment your answer in the comment box.

FE Civil Practice Problem-1: 

An equipment values at $1,00,000. If it depreciates at a 10% per year, its book value after 10 years will be most nearly-

a) $2,50,000

b) $65,000

c) $35,000

d) $1,000

FE Civil Practice Problem-2

A two-way slab supported on a column grid without the use of beams is known as a-

a) Flat Plate    b)Flat Slab      c)Waffle Slab  d)Two Way Slab

FE Civil Practice Problem-3

All of the following are conditions that must be satisfied in order to use the simplified method for computing shear and moments in one way slab given in ACI 318, section 8.3.3, except-

a) There are two or more spans

b) Spans are approximately equal

c) The ratio of live load and the dead load is no more than 5

d) The loads are uniformly distributed

 FE Civil Practice Problem-4

 A horizontal circular curve has the following data-

 I=40 degree 50′ , R=600.00, Station of PI= 20+0.00

 The station of PT most nearly

 a) 22+0.76

 b) 22+04.27

 c) 22+23.34

 d) 22+32.34