Having a Professional Engineering (PE) degree is much needed when you are a civil engineering professional. PE degree not only gives you a single degree only, it teaches you a lot, rejuvenates your inner skills, creates the opportunity to review the topics you have forgotten, makes you more competent and so on. Moreover, it can boost your career as you have the authority to sign documents like engineering drawings, estimates, checking the management procedure etc. The PE degree creates an overall good impression to your employer letting them know that you are aware of the recent inventions and has the ability to implement them on the field.

Now, you are thinking about how to get a PE degree? I can assure you, this is not an easy task. As documents published by the NCEES, it has been seen that around 60%-70% of the first time examinees pass the exam and others not. So before appearing or registering for the PE Exam, you shall remember the following things in your mind.

  1. Do you need a PE degree?

Many of the examinees, especially the women take the degree, conquer it and then disappears. Did it really necessary for you to take the PE degree? Think and decide wisely because taking this exam is not only studying, it also costs a lot.

  1. Do you need a Review Course?

If you are a mid-level civil engineer, working in the field for around 5-10 years than it is obvious that you have forgotten most of the theories and solutions to the problem. So, you may need a review course. If you are just passed the FE Exam or between 1-5 years of job experience, then it would be easy for you to pass the PE Exam.

  1. Do You Have The Proper Preparation Materials?

PE Exam is not an easy exam at all. You need to cover all of the exam topics and practice a lot of problems. To make you prepare for the exam you will need a PE Exam Review Manual and a good practice book. Moreover, you also need a good calculator that will help you with the calculations. Do you have them in the collection or you need to buy them?

  1. Do You Have Enough Time?

To practice and complete the incomplete or forgotten problems done you may need a lot of time. Many of those who passed the exam mentioned that a minimum of 3 months of preparation. Are you sure, that you are going to arrange a good time to study?

  1. Outdated documents? Say, No!!

You may have the documents or books that are outdated. PE Exam has a syllabus and it changes simultaneously. So, do not follow the old books or documents. Ensure that, you are using the up to date book and practice problems otherwise your solution may not be accepted by the NCEES and the result will be FAIL!!!

Get a Copy of PE Civil Reference Manual by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE-16TH Edition.

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