As you are preparing yourself for the upcoming NCEES FE Exam, you shall know that you are not allowed to use a calculator of your choice. As carrying a calculator(without cover) is permitted to be used in test center you have to choose the right one that meets your criteria and helps you to get accurate results.

NCEES has a list of approved calculators to be used in the NCEES FE EXAM. The approved calculators include-

  1. Casio  

All models having fx-115 or fx-991 typed in its model name.

For example, you can buy fx-115 ES, fx -115 ES PLUS, fx-991 ES, fx-991 MS, fx-991 ES PLUS etc.

   2.  Hewlett- Packard (HP)

No models are allowed except HP 33S  and HP 35S.

3. Texas Instruments (TI)

All models of Texas Instruments(TI) having TI-30X OR TI-36X  typed in its model name.

For Example, you can buy TI-36X Pro, TI-30X IIS etc.

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