Hey Guys, If you are a Civil Engineer and intending to take the professional engineering degree, then you are at right place. Books are the most important part of the Civil PE Exam as PE exam is nothing just an open book exam. So, if you want to pass the Civil PE Exam then you should buy the proper books, not only books that are just a burden in your exam hall!!

There are many books in the market for Civil Engineering PE (Professional Engineering) Exam. Some of them are specialized in different subjects, while some others are based on morning or evening session exams. But you should know, you have passed both morning and evening session exams to pass in Civil Engineering PE Exam.

To pass the Civil Engineering PE Exam you should know which are most useful in the examination hall. These books will help you to trace your question-related information easily and quickly, thus saving you more time to think and answer your PE question. Moreover, these books will save you money as you will get most of the topics needed are there and you do not need to buy extra books to help you in the PE examination hall.


# Book 1-PE Civil Reference Manual by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE-16th ed. 

This book is the finest book for the Civil Engineering PE Exam. PE Civil Reference Manual (16th edition) is the updated version of Civil Engineering Reference Manual (15th edition) by Michael R. Lindeburg (CERM) which contains each and every topic you need on your exam day. This book is giant in size(over 1728 pages) and contains-

  • Proper index of all of the Civil Engineering Terms so that you find it with ease.
  • A good reference of all formulas, table, graphs, pictures and related information.
  • A good and usable checklist of the Civil Engineering knowledge terms you need to pass the Civil PE Exam.
  • You will have essential support material through more than 100 appendices that contain valuable information
  • Contains a glossary of generally used civil engineering terms(more than 550 civil engineering terms included)
  • Besides the theory, there are more than 500 worked out examples that will help you to understand the basics and if you have good luck you can also find similar questions on your exam question too :).
  • This books also supports both SI and US Customary units.

PE Civil Reference Manual-16th edition by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE covers the following major topics in civil engineering besides all other necessary information-

  • Civil PE Construction– Estimating and costing, Quality Control of materials and testing, Earthwork, Construction Layout, operations and methods, Health and safety during construction etc.
  • Civil PE Breadth– Planning, means and methods of the project, site development, soil, structural, hydrological, geometrical engineering.
  • Civil PE Geotechnical– Deep foundations, shallow foundations, soil and site characterization, Laboratory testing procedures and results, Field testing of materials and soil, earthquake resistance, earth excavations and procedure, sample collection procedure and methods, groundwater and seepage problems, foundation on special type of soil, Foundation on rocky soil, retaining wall and structures etc.
  • Civil PE Structural– Codes of construction, Design of structures, Detailing of structures, analysis of structures etc.
  • Civil PE Water Resources and Environmental– Hydraulics of open channel flow and conduit flow, analysis and design of hydraulic structures, groundwater engineering, waste management(collection to disposal), wastewater management, water distribution system, water quality for drinking, Treatment of drinking water and wastewater.
  • Civil PE Transportation– Traffic engineering, the design of roads and highway, intersection design, design of roadside facilities and signal, pavement design, drainage design on roads etc.

#Book 2- Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam: A Companion to the Civil Engineering Reference Manual, 15th Ed

OK, you know ‘ Practice Makes a Man Perfect’. As you are preparing yourself for the Civil Engineering PE Exam, you should practice the problems related to Civil Engineering PE exam. Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam by Michael R. Lindeburg contains over 900 practice problems related to the PE exam. These practice problems are so prepared so that you can practice them within 6 minutes as in PE exam. These six-minute problems let you idealize the basic and in-depth knowledge about the problems related to the PE exam.

The given solutions are easy and complete, moreover uses complete references so that the examinee find it easy to solve the questions while gaining basic knowledge about the discussed problem and related theory. The solutions of the problems are done with step by step guidelines using NCEES recommended terminology and nomenclature. As a result, if you prepare yourself using this book, then you will find it easy to answer in the PE exam hall as you are already got familiarized with the terminologies and nomenclature of NCCES PE exam.

Please keep in mind, this book is a companion to the Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE. To get the best results, you should use these two companion book simultaneously.

#Book-3: Civil Engineering All-In-One PE Exam Guide: Breadth and Depth, Third Edition

For those who want each and every topic in a single book with concise theory and more closely related Civil PE Exam, then you should have All in one civil engineering PE: breadth and depth by Indranil Goswami. This book covers almost all the topics needed for the Civil Engineering PE Exam.

This book covers topics on the following civil engineering areas-

  • Civil PE Structural: structural loading, structural design of members, detailing of structures, forces acting on structures, structural analysis, beam and column design, slab design, factors of structural design and analysis, mechanics of materials and material quality
  • Civil PE Geotechnical: soil mechanics, soil classification and characterization, seepage, shallow foundations and deep foundation design, foundation analysis, seismic loading and design, earth retaining structures etc.
  • Civil PE Construction: Earthwork(calculations and excavations.methods), Estimating and material quality, construction scheduling, methods, construction of temporary structures, health and safety issues during construction etc.
  • Civil PE Water Resources and Environment: Waste generation, treatment, and disposal, wastewater treatment, water quality, hydraulics and hydrology, distribution system design and operation
  • Civil PE Transportation: Traffic situation, signaling, roadside geometry, pavement design, rigid and flexible pavement design, intersection design and analysis, traffic control and safety

Besides providing all in one book for civil engineering PE exam, this book contains appendices to help you identify each topic easily. Moreover, several worked out examples, easy to use the index, glossary of civil engineering terms, necessary equations, graphs, logs, charts, tables are presented so that examinee find it easy to pass civil engineering PE Exam. This book could be a great replacement for the costly PE Civil Reference Manual (16th ed.). Finally, If you have the over 900 pages of civil engineering related topics in a single book in your PE exam hall, what else you need to search for?

#Book-4: Civil PE Practice Examination, 6th Ed

Yes, you are preparing yourself for the NCEES Civil PE Exam to boost your career with a professional degree. To attain the degree what you need most? You got it Right. practice, practice, and practice on the relevant Civil Engineering PE Topics and good command over NCEES Civil Engineering PE updated syllabus.

To help you in preparing for Civil PE Exam, Civil PE Practice Examination by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE is the finest book ever written. This book contains the most realistic practice problems that are best suitable for the PE exam. The choice of questions is such to make sure it covers all of the syllabus enlisted topics.

This book contains six 40 problems and multiple choice problems that meet the specs and standard of Civil PE Exam.By providing sample exam question of PE Civil Engineering, this book covers both morning session and breadth exam of PE. This book will prepare you on five general civil engineering topics of PE exam.(i.e. PE Construction, PE Geotechnical, PE Structural, PE Water Resources and Environmental, PE Transportation).

By using Civil PE Practice Examination by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE you can take the exam of 4 hours duration at home and learn to manage your time by solving the sample questions within six minutes. Moreover, the solution of the problems are step by step, easy and matches the criteria required by the NCEES. So surely it will boost your knowledge on Civil Engineering and also for the PE exam.

By preparing yourself following this book, you will learn to-

  • know the exam procedure, duration.
  • Familiarize with the exam format, questions format
  • Manage your time efficiently at PE examination hall.
  • Solve problems accurately and efficiently
  • know about the specs and codes followed on the exam.

This book is a companion to Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE. So, you can achieve better results by using both the books at the same time.

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