Are you preparing for the PE Civil Exam or planning to sit for the same? Then, you are in the right place. Maybe, you have checked that CERM 15 is now obsolete and the price is very low than previous. Whereas, CERM 16 (Named as PE Civil Reference Manual, 16th edition) is the most updated edition till date and is costly and if you buy the new one $$$ can be gone. Is it really a necessity to buy the new CERM 16 or it is OK to get the old version(CERM 15) at a much less price? What are the changes, modifications, additions to the CERM 16 than to CERM 15? Today, we are going to uncover all sorts of information regarding the CERM 15 and CERM 16th. Keep Reading!!!

Changes Made in CERM 16th Edition

There are several changes that have been made to the new edition. From its name to its contents. But is it enough to buy a pricey new edition? We will find the answer in the following paragraphs.

Minor Changes

The earlier versions were named as Civil Engineering Reference Manual(CERM) whereas in the 16th edition the name has been changed to ‘PE Civil Reference Manual’. Actually, I did not find any possible reason behind this change as it adds no value to its contents. I will say that change as the change in branding and it could be a ‘Marketing Strategy’ of PPI.

Change in Contents

There are several notable changes that have been made to the new edition of CERM. I will try to cover that specific modification by PE Civil Exam depth sections.

Other Changes

  • Formatting Change in Appendices List(Table of Contents)
  • Preface is almost same with the same words as in 15th edition.
  • In 15th edition a table was given which contained the changes, but in 16th edition such table is missing in preface.

Changes in PE Civil Structural Depth

CERM 15th EditionCERM 16th Edition
ACI 318 (2011)ACI 318 (2014)
ACI 530/530.1 (2011)ACI 530/530.1 (2013)
AISC (2011)AISC (2011)
ASCE/SE17 (2010)ASCE/SE17 (2010)
AWS D1.1/D1.1M (2010) AWS D1.1/D1.1M (2010)
AWS D1.2/D1.2M (2014) AWS D1.2/D1.2M (2014)
AWS D1.4/D1.4M (2011) AWS D1.4/D1.4M (2011)
IBC (2012)IBC (2015)
OSHA (1910)OSHA (1910), 1910.1 TO 1910.9
OSHA 1926(Part 1926.95-107, Part 1926.500-1926.503, Part 1926.700-1926.706, Part 1926.750-1926.761) OSHA 1926(Part 1926.95-107, Part 1926.500-1926.503, Part 1926.700-1926.706, Part 1926.750-1926.761)
PCI (2010)PCI (2010)

So it is obvious that, there are not so many changes but the changes/modifications done in PE Civil Reference Manual 16th edition(CERM 16th edition) are significant in terms of urgency. The major changes is in several codes and all of us know that, NCEES always choose the recent codes to take PE Civil Exam.

Changes in PE Civil Construction Depth

CERM 15thCERM 16th
ACI 318 (2011)ACI 318 (2014)
ACI 347 (2004)ACI 347 (2014)
ACI SP4 (2005)ACI SP4 (2014)
AISC 37 (2002)AISC (2011)
CMWB (2012)CMWB (2012)
MUTCD Pt 6 (2009) MUTCD Pt 6 (2009)
NDS (ASD/LRFD) (2012)Not Mentioned
OSHA 1926OSHA 1903, 1904, 1926

Changes in PE Civil Geotechnical Depth

CERM 15thCERM 16th
ASCE/SE17 (2010)ASCE/SE17 (2010)
OSHA 1926OSHA 1926 (Part 1926.651, Part 1926.652)

So, we see that Geotechnical depth section is the one which is very less changed.

Changes in PE Civil Transportation Depth

CERM 15thCERM 16th
AASHTO GDPS 1993,1998AASHTO GDPS 1993,1998
AASHTO Green Book (2011)AASHTO Green Book 2011
(Includes errata November 2013 edition)
AASHTO (2004)AASHTO (2004)
HSM (2010)HSM 2010
(includes errata of September 2010, February 2012, March 2016)
AI 2007 (MS-4) AI 2007 (MS-4)
FHW4 2012FHW4 2012
HCM 2010HCM 2014
MUTCD 2009MUTCD 2012
PCA 2011PCA 2016

Buying Guide

If I compare between the two editions of CERM (i.e. 15, and 16th) both of them are same in contents. But you can easily make a big list of codes that have been updated. NCEES always use the updated codes to form questions of PE Exam. So, there is no point of buying the previous editions (I mean 15th edition). I will certainly suggest you buy the updated PE Civil Reference Manual 16th edition without any hesitation.