Book Name: Civil Engineering Solved Problems(Get Now)

Author: Michael R. Lindeburg, PE

Edition: 8th
ISBN-13: 978-1591265122
ISBN-10: 1591265126

How Can This Book Help to Prepare for Civil PE Exam?

Civil Engineering is a broad subject. It comprises thousands of engineering topics where there are millions of equations and trillions of engineering problems:). Huh!!!

But which equations are necessary and which problems are there in the NCEES PE Exam. If you want to find the problems that are mostly associated with the NCEES Civil PE Exam than you can have a copy of Civil Engineering Solved Problems-8th ed. First of all look at the header message at the books cover-

Problems and Detailed Solutions for Civil PE Exam Prepartion

This single line demonstrates the purpose of having Civil Engineering Solved Problems-8th ed. The book comprises of 370 problems that are quite similar to the real Civil PE Exam. The problems are in some cases are even harder than the real exam, but do not worry as ‘Harder Preparation Always Pays Off’. In 95% of cases, the problems are so prepared that familiarize you with the exam references and solution procedures. Variety of problems are so chosen that they cover almost all of the topics for the PE exam. Moreover, the solution of the problems are step by step and follows the NCEES recommended solving methods, references, codes etc.

Covered Exam Topics-

  • Structural Engineering– Design and analysis of concrete, masonry, steel, bridge
  • Environmental Engineering– Wastewater process and treatment
  • Transportation EngineeringSurveying, Geometric design, Roadway geometry, etc.
  • Construction– Engineering Economic Analysis, Project Management
  • Geotechnical Engineering– Soil Mechanics, Foundation design
  • Water Resources Engineering-Hydraulics and machines, fluid mechanics, open channel flow, water supply and distribution

Get Your Copy of Civil Engineering Solved Problems-8th ed.

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