Column is the structural member on which the structure stands. It acts like as the legs of human body and thus help the structure to stand on its foot. Column carries the vertical loads and in many cases it also carries lateral loads too. Slabs rests on beams, and beams rests on column. This means the loads from slabs transfers to the beams and then beam transfers the loads to its connected columns. Columns then transmits the load to the next column or footing to the soil.

Column design BS8110

Column is a compression member. It takes compression loads and then exerts the loads to the subsequent soil.

A column may have a column capital at top or pedestal at base. Column capital or base pedestals are done to provide extra strength to the column so that it can resist penetration through the slabs or base.

Column can be of different types. The types may be depenndent of material, loading, specification, shape and so on. Now-a-days reinforced concrete columns are mostly used on structures, Use of steel columns are becoming dominant over the years.

Design of Column:

There are several codes for designing of columns like ACI, BS, IS, IBC, BNBC etc. Among the codes ACI codes are very much popular all over the world for designing reinforced concrete columns.

Design of columns requires material quality, loading conditions and many more factors used in codes. Hand calculation of column design can be troublesome and may require a lot of time.

Column can be designed easily with a excel worksheet program and excel spreadsheet of designing column is easy. Today we are going to learn about such a software of designing columns through excel worksheet.

The column design excel worksheet of RCC Column Design follows BS 8110 code and is superb for using. You can also print your output using the excel sheet.

You can download the excel spreadsheet and it will guide you to how to design a column properly. Enjoy guys!!!

Column Design Excel Sheet

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