Civil Engineering(CE) is one of the oldest engineering disciplines that make sure you are living in a good space with a good amenities i.e. good infrastructure, transportation, good environment and so on and this profession is one the most paid job in the USA and in the rest part of the world. For the types of works a civil engineer needs to do, civil engineers are often called as social engineers too.

With the advancement in the engineering knowledge and computing knowledge, many works of the civil engineering are now automated. This automation is usually done by using software and there are several software in the marketplace. Today I am going to let you know you about the most common civil engineering software and a short bio of their uses.

          PE CIVIL REFERENCE MANUAL           

Category -1: Structural Design Analysis and Design Softwares

  • Staad PRO (versions)
  • SAP2000 (versions)
  • ETABS (versions)
  • SAFE (versions)
  • RISA 3D
  • Midas
  •  ANSYS
  • Autodesk Robot Structural AnalysisCivil PE Practice Exam
  • SKIA
  • Tekla
  • Masterseries
  • Strand7
  • Space Gass
  • NISA
  • Xsteel
  • Microstation
  • Struds
  • SkyCiv

Category-2: Civil Drafting and Modelling SoftwareFE CIVIL REVIEW MANUAL

  • AutoCAD (versions)
  • Google Sketchup PRO
  • ArchiCAD
  • PDS
  • PDMS
  • SP 3D
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Vector Works
  • Rhino

Category-3: 3D Rendering SoftwareBraja M. Das

  • AutoCAD
  • Revit Structure
  • Revit Architecture
  • 3ds MAX
  • 3D Home Architect
  • Maya
  • DStudio Max
  • Revit MEP


Category-4: Road Network Design

  • Bently Road NetworkMichael R. Lindeburg
  • Road Eng
  • MX Roads
  • HDM
  • AutoPlotter
  • Heads

Category-5:  Sewer Network Design and Modelling

  • Bently Watergems/sewergems
  • Kanal++
  • Aqua++

Category-6: Project Planning, Estimation, Costing, Accounting, ReviewingCE Materials

  • Microsoft Project (versions)
  • Primavera (versions)
  • CCS Candy Software
  • Tally (Versions)
  • MS Access
  • Project Kick Start
  • Smarta
  • QE PRO
  • Auto ReBar

Category-7: Geotechnical Work

  • Geo Studioprobability-and-statistics-for-engineers-and-the-sciences-9e
  • Geo5
  • FLAC3D
  • Geo
  • Geomatics

Category-7: Fluid Mechanics Related

  • Ansys FLUENT
  • Ansys CFX
  • Flowmaster

Category-8 : GeoinformaticsDrafting engineering drawings

  • Arc GIS
  • GeoMedia Professional
  • Geo Studio SLOPE
  • EduShake

Category-9: Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Analysis

  • MATLAB (versions)
  • PTC MathCAD
  • Mathematica

Category-10: Green Building Design

  • Ecotect
  • Visual Doe
  • Energy+
  • IES
  • Dialux

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