Book Name: Elementary Surveying: An Introduction to Geomatics

Author: Charles D. Ghilani

Edition: 15th

ISBN-13: 978-0134604657
ISBN-10: 0134604652

Why Having This Book is Necessary?

Surveying is a predominant part of any engineering work and as a result, the demand of surveyors, land surveyors are always on the highest peak. Because of its high demand, the NCEES arranges professional surveying exam and those who pass out have an emerging career in the USA. In today’s world, whether it is land survey or engineering survey of any project, the surveyor needs to be accurate, more knowledgeable than ever and shall have the up to date information of technologies that are being used widely. So, the modern day surveyors need to study a lot then of any time before.

Elementary Surveying: An Introduction to Geomatics is a market best seller in its own category and therefore the latest 15th edition is also a hit. When everyone follows a book, you need not worry about its content, its clarification of theories, problems and examples. That’s it the simple reason why you shall have this book on your shelf.

The book is full of new and modern information. It demonstrates the latest and modern technologies to its users. Although the book has been written keeping an eye on the undergraduate and graduate schools of the USA, the content of this book made it popular to every professional of surveying.

What Are The Greatest Feature of Elementary Surveying: An Introduction to Geomatics(15th Ed.) book?

  • Time-tested information that suites and helps every professional
  • Easily understandable explanation, sentence structure that helps the reader grasp the beauty of surveying without taking help from anyone.
  • Thoroughly updated with the latest advancing technologies and information.
  • Introduce you to the basic of surveying and takes you to a whole new level of surveying
  • Example problems and their probable solutions are accurate and so prepared that everyone can understand them.
  • The equations, tables, references are quite enough to make a higher study on surveying.
  • Theories presented in an easy manner.
  • Real life problems are discussed.
  • Field problems and their probable solutions are explained.

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