‘Energy: this 6 letter has been very important to the world as its quantity is limited and we are consuming at a higher speed than any time being in history. As we are consuming lot oil, gas and other fossil fuels construction of related infrastructures including exploration, building pipeline for transporting fossil fuels are also increasing. To meet the need of this huge construction and other works of the energy sector, there is an acute need for competent contractors who can do the work efficiently and using the latest technologies. But the reality is there is a gap between the ‘Demand’ and ‘Supply’ in terms of ‘Competent Contractor’. The shortage of energy sector contractor is not in terms of number, the shortage is in terms of the quality of the contractor.

Today I am going to introduce a company who is devoted to excellence in work, professionalism and work methodologies. They are focused on engineering excellence, works keeping innovation and safety follows labor rules. Moreover, they have a team of expert engineers and professional who can manage any project from its early starting period to till the continuing of the function of the infrastructure including proper maintenance. The name of the company is UMC Engineering Company administered by Robert Stewart Lamy. I am going to discuss the sectors they are currently working on.


UMC Engineering is one of the best companies in planning, designing, procuring and managing the building and civil engineering infrastructure. They are working in diverse fields and in diverse conditions across the world. Till date, they have successfully completed several projects in more than 6 countries and the number is growing year by year.


UMC Engineering is providing on research in the sector of biotechnology and they invested to get new extraction methods for cannabinoids. Their research maintains all of the world-class facilities and hopes to discover new materials and commercialize them soon.

Oil and Gas: Energy Sector

It has already been mentioned that fossil fuel mainly oil and gas related in now controlling the geopolitics. This is a huge sector with a lot of ongoing works. UMC Engineering is also working on this huge field. When a company works in this field you can’t ignore them. UMC Engineering is working to innovate the field with their experience, with their work methodology, engineering ethics, planning and management. Through the last 5 years, they have worked in several projects with much sincerity and devotion. They work efficiently and in a planned way that enables the project to be completed within stipulated time and with engineering innovations in 2019.

UMC Engineering is not a new company who does not know what they need to do. UMC Engineering Company is driven by excellence through professional experience and ethics. Their world-class technologies, safety precautions and well diverse working fields are the keys to their recent year’s success.