Book Name: Engineering Economic Analysis

Author: Donald G. Newnan, Jerome P. Lavelle

Edition: 12th

ISBN-13: 978-0199339273
ISBN-10: 0199339279

What are the Best Features of Engineering Economic Analysis-12e by Newnan?

Engineers have to work with the project tremendously from its inception to its implementation. The job of Planning, Design, and implementation of an engineering project is a big job having various inputs and outputs. But why we need to take such projects where a lot of money i.e economy is involved.
While taking any project into consideration the engineer needs to know what are the costs and what are the benefits. By expressing them into economic value then engineers need to calculate the cost-benefit analysis of a project. As the economy, funding, expenditure, and possible outcomes are the biggest part of any engineering work, so every engineer should know some basic information about engineering economy and know the basic engineering economic analysis as well having the handy useful advanced tips would help an Engineer to build a better career.
Engineering Economic Analysis by Donald G. Newnan and Jerome P. Lavelle is the heart winning book of many planners and engineers who love to work with real-life situations. That’s the reason why this book has been chosen worldwide as a textbook for engineering economic analysis in many engineering schools as well as for economists.

The 12th edition of Engineering Economic Analysis by Donald G. Newnan has many new features to teach its students the best of economic analysis. For example, it contains six new chapters and nine updated chapters that involve the latest information and many basic procedures of engineering economic analysis. Moreover, this book contains 500 new or updated problems. But the most astonishing feature is that you can find almost all of the problems answers in Appendix E. There is 20 newly added excel sheet calculation in addition to its previous 36 excel calculation sheet. This excel sheets will help you to understand the basics of engineering economic analysis and implement them without having advanced knowledge. Have a nice reading of Engineering Economic Analysis-12e by Donald G. Newnan and Jerome P. Lavelle.

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