Engineering Economic Analysis by Donald G. Newnan-13th ed.

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Books Name: Engineering Economic Analysis

Author: Donald G. Newnan

Edition: 13th

ISBN-13: 978-0190296902
ISBN-10: 0190296909

How Can This Book Help You?

Engineers often are in involved with the big-budget projects where they need to analyze the return on the project or works that are going to be implemented in future. Not only this, engineers often need to re-analyze what economic benefits are people getting from the govt. or non-govt. big budget projects that are already in action. A big, deeper knowledge of engineering economics is often required to get the real scenario and that’s the proper reason why engineers are in need to learn engineering economics.

Engineering Economic Analysis is a market leading book in its own category and is being taught in many engineering schools of the USA. The author Mr. Donald G. Newnan in his 13th edition of Engineering Economic Analysis included the most concurrent themes, equations, calculations, figures and so on. As a result, this book has already been a talk of the town in its own arena.

The feature and self-learning oriented Engineering Economic Analysis book by Donald G. Newnan is the most followed books because of the following unique understandings-

  • Easy and understandable text.
  • Written in such a way that reader can capture the basic without the help of anyone else.
  • Especially engineering oriented and therefore you need not go to go anywhere to search for proper explanations.
  • Real life problems and their probable solutions are included.
  • Up to date information are included.
  • A lot of economic analysis equations, figures, tables, graphs has been presented.
  • Can fulfill the need of both basic learners and advanced learners.

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