Book Name: Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Binder Ready Version

Author: Donald F. Elger, Barbara A. LeBret, Cleton T. Crowe and John A. Robertson

Edition: 11th

ISBN-10: 1118880684

ISBN-13: 978-1118880685

What Are The Best Features of This book?

Fluid dynamics is one of the most researched subjects now a days. Many organizations and thousands of researchers are planning to explore something new, something special within this subject.
Fluids are those materials that can move easily, either it be could be water or air. Fluids are roaming around us and we are in the sea of fluid(air!!). So, you can imagine the necessity of knowing it, easily.
As a result, many universities of the world are emphasizing on the lessons that are taught on fluid mechanics and doing further research to nail it. Fluid mechanics, therefore, being taught in undergraduate and graduate programs and certainly it is one the most necessary subjects in the present world of science and technology.
Engineering Fluid Mechanics by Donald F. Elger and his co-authors is one of the best books where the author tried to include the very basic things. To do a good research, you need to have a good basic idea of fluids and its properties. This is what you can find in Engineering Fluid Mechanics by Donald F. Elger, 11th edition.
There are several factors you can consider before having this book in your collection. The best parts of this book are-

  • Explains the basic of fluid mechanics in an easy text.
  • Explains the functional equations and their explanations
  • Follows both SI and Metric units.
  • Includes several real pictures and explaining pictures
  • Includes necessary graphs, tables and equations
  • Have well-researched engineering texts.
  • Contains new ideas and research ideas
  • Have self-explanatory diagrams
  • Have good numbers of worked out problems and exercises.

The book is a must have book for many engineering schools in the USA and many other countries.

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