ETABS is a worldwide used most powerful structural analysis and design software which is developed and maintained by CSI (Computers and Structures Inc., USA ). Engineers are using this awesome software to analyze and design of structural systems. For example, the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa were analyzed and designed using ETBS software.

There are several version of ETABS and the utmost updated version is ETABS 2016. Although you will get several crack versions of ETBS to download on the various medium of the internet but to get best results I would suggest you to buy a licensed copy of ETABS 2016.

ETABS is really easy to use and the 2016 version comprises the following features-

  • New user interface to ease the task
  • Hardware Accelerated Graphics included
  • New templates are included
  • Model views are modernized
  • Intelligent snaps and architectural tracing has been added
  • Automatically generates plans and elevations
  • Interactive table data editing  features included
  • Tower features are included
  • A layered shell element has been added
  • You can design shear walls and link between elements
  • Updated with the latest building technology and codes

Learn how to design and analyze any structure using ETABS.pdf

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