Passing the NCEES FE/EIT exam is one of the requirements to be eligible to be appear for the NCEES PE Licensure exam. The fees associated for registering in the NCEES FE exam is a handsome amount and if you do not work hard than re-appearing for the exam may incur you extra cost. You need to pay your FE exam registration fees to NCEES through MyNCEES (Your personal account on NCEES.ORG).

The registration fees of FE/EIT exam are-

Fundamentals of Engineering(FE)  $225

Fundamentals of Surveying(FS)     $225

Payment Method

Online through Mastercard

Online through Visa Card

In addition to the above mentioned fees, examinees may require to pay additional fees depending on the criteria set by state licensing boards. You will be notified during your registration process if any further state registration fees are required based on your selection.

Refund/Cancellations/Rescheduling Policy

  • Cancellations

In situation that you may need to cancel your exam date, you may get a partial refund from NCEES. The refund of registration fee depends on the your cancellation time before appearing for the exam. To cancel your registration you need to cancel through MyNCEES account and to get a partial refund(registration fee minus $50 as administrative fee) you need to cancel your registration more than 48 hours advance than the scheduled examination date. Please keep in mind you are not eligible to get a refund, if you cancel your registration within  48 hours in advance of your scheduled exam time.

  • Rescheduling and full refund

You may get full refund or can reschedule your exam date and time if you are eligible to show the following reasons(documentation required)-

  1. Personal or immediate family member illness
  2. Death of a immediate family member
  3. Traffic accident
  4. Court appearance or jury duty
  5. If you are in military duty

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