PDF Name: Fundamentals of Engineering(FE)/EIT Civil CBT Exam Specifications/Syllabus

Publisher: ncees.org

This is the complete document of FE Civil CBT Exam Specifications and is effective from January 2014. The document contains all fo the exam specifications/syllabus as well as a number of questions that may be presented in the exam question sheet.

It is mentioned in the document that,

  • FE/EIT is a completely computer-based examination. FE Reference Handbook will be provided electronically. You are not allowed to use any other type of book/reference except provided updated copy of NCEES FE Reference Handbook.
  • The FE Exam duration is 6 hours. In that 6 hours, you need to 110 multiple choice/fill in the gaps questions electronically. This 6 hour also includes a basic tutorial and an optional break.
  • FE Exam uses both SI and US Customary unit system.

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