Book Name: FE Civil Practice (Get Now)

Author: Michael R. Lindeburg, PE

Edition: 1st

ISBN-10: 1591265304

ISBN-13: 978-1591265306

Why having FE Civil Practice is Mandatory to Pass FE Exam?

Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam is nothing except that it tests your basic engineering fundamentals and absorption of related theories and problems. In the examination hall, you have nothing except FE Reference Handbook by NCEES and a screen that shows you the question with its probable answers.

The FE syllabus is quite big and you may not have the all of the theories you may need at that exam moment. Moreover, there are some certain patterns that are followed by NCEES and you would not be able to grasp the patterns until you practice a lot of related problems.

FE Civil Practice by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE is the updated version of the FE Civil Practice Problems. This book is very popular among the engineers who sit for the FE Exam and is also recommended by many of those. But why?

The reason for recommending this book because-

  • Gives you a complete idea of the question pattern
  • Familiarize you with the FE Exam related theories and problems
  • Follows both S.I. and US Customary units
  • Solutions to the problems strictly follow the methods recommended by the NCEES.
  • There are 460 practice problems that can be solved within three minutes multiple choice questions that are similar to the real exams
  • Solutions are exact and step by step

Covered Topics-

  1. Mathematics
  2. Probability and Statistics
  3. Engineering Economics
  4.  Transportation Engineering
  5. Construction Engineering
  6. Fluid Mechanics
  7.  Mechanics of Solids
  8. Materials related to Civil Engineering
  9.  Environmental Engineering
  10. Geotechnical Engineering
  11. Statics
  12. Dynamics
  13. Computational Tools
  14. Hydraulics and Hydraulic Engineering and so on.

Get a Copy of FE Civil Practice-1st ed.

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