Book Name: FE Civil Practice Problems (Get Your Copy of FE Civil Practice Problems)

Author: Michael R. Lindeburg PE

Edition: 1st

ISBN-10: 1591264405

ISBN-13: 978-1591264408

What Are the Benefits of Having This Book?

As you are preparing yourself for the Fundamentals of Engineering(FE) Civil Exam, it is important that you practice the most common problems and get the proper solution so that you can identify your weakness and solve them. FE Civil Practice Problems is written by the famous author Michael R. Lindeburg PE and is intended to make you prepared for the FE Civil Exam.

FE Civil Practice Problems is a featured book of Professional Publications Inc. and it’s because-

  • The problems are based on the actual exam and can deliver the best results.
  • The solution of the problems is logical and easy to follow.
  • Contains necessary equations, charts, graphs, tables so that you can get the best results.
  • Introduce you to the most recent referencing system.
  • The texts are easy to grasp and helps to understand the theme of the problems logically.
  • Used both SI and metric units.
  • Units are carried throughout the solution to help you understand better.
  • Finally contains all sorts of information on almost every FE Civil Exam Topics.

Get a Copy of FE Civil Practice Problems

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