Appearing for the NCEES FE Civil Exam was the toughest decision of my life. After completing my graduation, I felt the urgency of having a PE Licensure to grow my career and that’s the reason I decided to sit for the FE Civil Exam.

As a newbie, I was not known of the rules and regulations of FE Exam and therefore I visited NCEES website to know the procedures. As the exam format has been transformed into a CBT exam, I was a bit curious and felt good. This is because I have good command over my computer and I know as it is computer-based no one except almighty can refuse me. By the grace of almighty, I have overcome it on the first try. But before appearing for the exam, I prepared for about four long months alongside my regular construction job.

Preparation I have taken

As I thought of appearing for the FE Civil exam, I first made a list of equipment (i.e. things I must have) list. The list is-

  • A Calculator (I bought TI-36X Pro, it’s the best and most powerful approved calculator by NCEES)
  • My passport
  • Registration on NCEES.ORG and payment of $$$.
  • Appointment Letter I received upon registration

TI 36X Pro for FE EXAM

Study Plan

I thought I would read and practice the problems around 4 to 5 hours a day. But as I was working for a construction company, it was very tough for me to get that time. Moreover, I was so tired after doing rigorous works at the site that I failed to achieve my target. I continuously failed for 2 to 3 weeks to continue my study. But I was determined and I revised my routine. I have decided to study 20 hours a week and prepared a subjectwise routine. A broad determination helped me to study hard and hard and finally it paid off.

Course Materials I Read

The first month of my reading time was a real chaos. But from the 2nd month it was easy for me to study and practice. I had a desktop at my home and I practiced there. I was not involved in any review course. As I was university passed recently, I thought review course is not necessary. By the way, I bought the following books from Amazon-

As per my view, these four books are essential and may play a vital role in teaching you which theories/problems you need to have deeper knowledge. So, getting the hardcopy of the books is a wiser decision.

Suggestions I May Give Based on My Real Experience

  • Try to at least 20 hours a week, the more you can do is better.
  • Stick to your challenge, never lose hope.
  • Keep your belongings ready.
  • Know your time, schedule.
  • Find your weak point and work on that.

The Result

After few weeks I appeared on the exam, I received an email mentioning that result has been published. The mail suggested me to check myncees account. I checked and find that I passed. I received the certificate two weeks later.