Book Name: HVAC and Refrigeration Six Minute Problems (Get Now)

Author: Keith E. Elder, PE

Edition: Second Edition

ISBN-13: 978-1591265528
ISBN-10: 1591265525

How Can This Book Help in Passing PE Mechanical (HVAC and Refrigeration)?

Passing PE Mechanical Exam could be a vital point of your engineering and this could be very special if you are Engineer of HVAC and Refrigeration section of your company or intending to building a career on the HVAC an Refrigeration related career.

Mechanical PE exam is nothing except solving the related problems within six minutes. If you can solve the problems within six minutes in the exam hall with accuracy and efficiency then you could expect to pass the PE Mechanical exam on the first attempt and this is what is the author Keith E. Elder tries to practice you. In his book HVAC and Refrigeration Six Minutes Problems he presented sample problems on HVAC and Refrigeration that can be solved within six minutes and is very important for the exam.

Key Features of HVAC and Refrigeration Six Minutes Problems

  • Problems are quite similar to the actual PE Exam and there are in total 85 nos. of which 20 problems are related to morning exam and 65 questions are related to afternoon PE Exam.
  • Solutions to the PE Exam Practice Problems are exact and follows NCEES recommended methods.
  • Solutions are step by step that enables you to follow and understand them easily
  • Total 85 problems cover almost all topics of the PE HVAC and Refrigeration Exam
  • Let you know what are the common errors and how to avoid them.
  • A complete practical guide for the PE HVAC and Refrigeration Exam
  • Follows the codes recommended by the NCEES.
  • There is no backdated information as the book published in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

Get Your Copy of HVAC and Refrigeration Six Minutes Problems by Keith E. Elder, PE

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