Brick as a Construction Material:

Bricks are one of the most used construction materials. As it is a common building material, various shapes and qualities of bricks remain in the market. But to ensure the quality you have to know the quality parameters of first class bricks.

The common building is the most extensively used material of construction. Depending upon the nature of soil from which the bricks are made, the molded finish, and the quality of burning, the bricks are classified into different categories. The classes of kiln burnt bricks used in the works of a building are First Class Bricks, Piked Jhama Bricks, Jhama Bricks and Jhama Bats.

How to Identify First Class Bricks?

Specifications of First Class Bricks according to the BDS 208 are as follows-

  • Bricks shall be of uniform color, shape, and size having sharp square sides and edges and parallel faces.
  • Bricks shall be sound, had, and well burnt homogeneous in texture and free from flaws and cracks.
  • Bricks shall emit a clear metallic sound when struck with a small hammer or another brick.
  • A first class brick should not absorb 1/6th of its dry weight when immersed in water for 24 hours.
  • A first class brick should not break when struck against another brick or when dropped at T-position on the hard ground from a height of 3 to 4 ft.
  • Standard dimensions of bricks shall be 240 mm X 115 mm X 70 MM.
  • Allowable variations in dimensions shall be: a) in length not more than 6 mm b) In breath, not more than 5 mm c) In height, not more than 1.5 mm.
  • Unit weight of bricks shall be 1100 kg/cum
  • Compressive strength of brick shall be: a) Halved bricks, mean of 12 bricks: 28 MPa(4000 psi)  b) Minimum for individual bricks: 21.1 MPa(3000 psi)
  • The range of efflorescence for a first class brick shall be slight to nil.

Identify first class bricks

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