Staircases are definitely an important part of any structure. Although at present days there are escalators and lifts to climb you up into any structure but the old fashioned and newly designed, innovative staircases are also be present into those structures as emergency exit. In case of emergency, function of staircase is top most important as in most of the cases of disaster having electricity will not be an option to think of.

Various typesof staircases are being all over the years, But researchers, architects and civil engineers of the world are being more innovative day by day and creating some mesmerizing staircases all of the world. Some of the staircases are famous for its components whether some of are for its economy and design.

Today we are going to see top 10 innovative and different staircases of the world. The design and thinking of these staircase will surely change the way you think about recent staircases.

#10 Modern Circular Staircase

modern circular staircase

#9 Retractable Innovative Staircase


# 8  Glass Staircase with Lightingglass staircase

#7  Wooden Theme Based Staircase

Theme based staircase

#6 Wooden Complex Staircasewooden staircase

#5 Architecturally Beautiful Wooden Staircasewooden staircase

#4 Architecturally Beautiful Bottom Staircase

Beautiful Bottom staircase

#3 Architecturally Beautiful Composite Staircaseconcrete and wooden staircase

#2 Deck Style Beautiful StaircaseDeck Style Staircase

#1 Glass Staircase with Cylinder

Spiral cylinder staircase

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