PE Civil Reference Manual is the book that can be used during the exam. Till 2021, PE Civil Exam will be held in paper and pencil format. But from 2022. it is planned to be held in CBT(Computer Based Test) format.

Whatever the format is, this is the only book you can have or carry during the exam. Along with this book, you will have access to the codes and specifications book. Any spiral binding hand notes are also allowed on paper and pencil format exams.

So, the reason for telling so many things is that, if you are planning to take the PE Exam, it is highly recommended to purchase a copy of the PE Reference Manual.

Get a Copy of this Book

But what if, you just want to have a pre look at the book and you just want to read a couple of chapters before purchasing? In that case, I will suggest, accessing this page on Amazon. Find the ‘Look Inside‘ sign over the image of the book and check the index, codes and contents. Take some notes, read how to use or browse some chapters.

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Still, thinking of an e-book to download because of its huge price? The bad thing is that this book is a copy-righted material and you would not find a single copy of this book’s copy online. But there are alternative ways if you want to access the book on the go.

This book is published by PPI. As you would require a copy of this you can purchase it from the PPI. The best thing about purchasing from PPI is that, for an additional $59 you can have an e-textbook of the PE Civil Reference Manual(1-year access). So, if you are busy with work all day and want to study at whatever time you get, go for it. If you purchase this book from somewhere else, then you can have this e-textbook for an additional $300 from PPI. This is not the recommended option though.

Get a Copy of PE Civil Reference Manual-16th Edition

PE Civil Reference Manual