NCEES FE exam is the entrance examination you must pass to appear for the PE Licensure exam. NCEES FE exam is the computer-based exam(CBT) and there are some certain that can make you feel relax and confident. Today we are going to provide you with a short checklist of what you are allowed to be kept with you during the computer-based FE Examination.

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What must you have to bring during NCEES FE Exam?

  • A Valid ID

You must have to bring a valid ID card and need to present the ID card before the examination. The ID card must have to be one of the following-

  1. A valid photo ID issued by a government entity or
  2. An international valid passport or
  3. A US military ID

The ID card shall have an expiration date, date of birth, first and last name printed, examinee signature and recognizable photo. Showing a student ID is not permissible at all and your name must have to match with the name on the appointment confirmation letter.

  • NCEES approved Calculator

You are allowed to bring an NCEES allowed calculator at the test center(allowed calculator list is here). At present, Texas Instruments TI-36X is the best for taking FE Exam.

  • Appointment Confirmation Letter

You will be given an appointment confirmation letter after completing your whole registration process and you must have to bring a copy of the appointment confirmation letter at the NCEES FE exam test center.

  • Sweater or Jacket

An NCEES FE exam examinee is allowed to bring light sweater or jacket as a comfort aid. The test center is air-conditioned and you may need them during the examination. NCEES approved comfort aids prescribed list is here.

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