Book Name: Machinery’s Handbook, Toolbox Edition (Get Now From Here)

Author: Erik Oberg

Edition: 30th

ISBN-13: 978-0831130916

ISBN-10: 9780831130916

Why Machinery’s Handbook, Toolbox Edition is helpful?

Machinery’s Handbook is one of the most read book and a bestseller in the Mechanical Engineering discipline. This book is being published for about 100 years and is followed by many schools, colleges and universities to teach the students. This book is famous for metal design, metalworking, engineering and manufacturing facilities, throughout the world. The book gives an authoritative and sophisticated way to design mechanical things of the manufacturing process.

The 30th edition of this book comes with some extra, new features that allow students, learners to know the basics and apply their learning to build the mechanical things they wish. It explains the process thoroughly and let you know how to make mechanical instruments using the available mechanical tools.

Why 30th edition of Machinery’s Handbook is important to have?

The 30th edition of Machinery’s Handbook is different in many aspects from its successors-

  • The metrology section has been expanded including the vernier calipers, v-blocks and micrometer and dial calipers.
  • Fluid power section improved covering pneumatic, vacuum and hydraulic theory and their applications.
  • New section related to additive manufacturing included.
  • Drill related theory, problems and application of drill sizes, drilling mesh and grit sizes have been updated.
  • Information related to sheet metal and press, keys, shaft alignment and many other related sections has been thoroughly revised
  • .Theory, problems, examples etc has been updated and new text has been added.