It does not matter whether you completed your bachelor degree recently or once upon a time. To crack the FE Civil Exam the main criteria is to get acquainted with the syllabus, keep yourself updated with the updated version of FE Reference Handbook and practice a lot. These are the main aspects that can really help you in passing FE Civil Exam.

Today we are going to review two books that is certainly needed in beside of FE Reference Handbook to pass the FE Civil Exam on the first try. I can guarantee you if you follow these three books, you will nail the FE Civil Exam. So let’s have a quick look at these greatest books ever in the history of FE Civil Exam Preparation.

Book-1: FE Reference Handbook by NCEES

This is the ultimate book you should have in your collection. FE Reference Handbook is the only reference book that will be you have on your FE Exam day. So you need to know, where you can find the relevant documents. A good coverage on the book is always mandatory as it contains all sorts of relevant information and references of the FE Exam.

You must know that FE Exam is totally computer based and on the exam day you have to answer on the computer screen. A computerized version of FE Reference Handbook will be available at the computer screen. But it is very difficult to find the necessary information from a computerized book and therefore you have to have a good understanding of which page you will get what. You can download FE Reference Handbook from by creating a free account but having a hard copy is handy.

Get a Copy of FE Reference Handbook by NCEES

Book-2: FE Civil Review by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE

This is the second book I am going to suggest to everyone who is planning to crack the FE Civil Exam on the first try. This book is a must-have as Fundamentals of Engineering Exam contains questions from almost all branch of engineering and sciences. So it is difficult to collect all of the references at a single time and have that. If you collect all of the necessary documents, they may be out of date with the syllabus of the NCEES FE Exam. So, there’s no reason to take a risk for around $100. Better, do not waste your time collecting study materials and get this book to have all of them at a single place.

The book is well written and is acquainted with the exam standard and syllabus. As a result, you will get the most necessary information at once and that will help you study the core things, not the auxiliary items.

Get a Copy of FE Civil Review by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE

Book-3: FE Civil Practice by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE

There is a proverb saying ‘Practice Makes a Man Perfect.’ This proverb is 100% true for you if you are preparing yourself for the FE Civil Exam. To crack the exam you need to practice a lot. A generous practicing will cost you and you have to be selective if you really want to pass on the first try.

FE Civil Practice is the most up to date book in this arena and contains over 460 multiple choice, Exam-like questions that can be solved within three minutes. The author Michael R. Lindeburg, PE is very much experienced in selecting the exam like questions and this book is the ultimate guide from him you can have in your palm.

Please keep in mind FE Civil Practice and FE Civil Review are two comprehensive books and should be read simultaneously. Otherwise, you will have a partial preparation that is not enough to pass the FE Civil Exam in the first attempt. You need to make sure that, you are reading according to the latest version of FE Reference Handbook as in every update there has been some change and if you can’t trace them you may wrong references that will not match with the actual exam.

Get a Copy of FE Civil Practice by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE

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