Books Name: National Electrical Code 2017

Author: National Fire Protection Association

Edition: 2017
ISBN-10: 1455912778
ISBN-13: 978-1455912773

Why Should You Have National Electrical Code 2017?

It does not matter whether you are a student of Electrical Engineering or a practicing electrical engineer, if you want to do your business within the United States of America you have to follow National Electrical Code developed by National Fire Fighting Association. This code has been improved and developed by National Fire Fighting Associating who is also responsible for implementing it throughout the country.
This electrical code has been developed using the 100 years of experience. So you can imagine you can get the best practices in electrical installations and wiring of residential,industrial and other buildings and structures.
This book/code will let you know the best methods of electrical installations with proper guidance. The 2017 edition of National Electrical Code includes safety precautions that will help you to keep your family safe, how? Because if you are safe then your family is 100% safe.
The regulations regarding fire protection, over current protection, grounding and installation of various electrical equipment presented in 2017 Electrical Code have used up to date technological advancement and hence they confirms your top most security as well as safety for your client i.e. owner of residential, commercial and industrial structure and equipment.
This book/code also lead you to know the best practices of –

  • Superior electrical wiring of houses, building and structures
  • Safety of outdoor premises and yards
  • Safety to electrical equipment installation
  • Connections to power grid and power source

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