Book Name: PE Civil Reference Manual (Get Now)

Author: Michael R. Lindeburg, PE
Edition: 16th
ISBN-13: 978-1591265702
ISBN-10: 1591265703

Why is Having PE Civil Reference Manual Important for Your PE Exam?

PE Civil Reference Manual is the newer edition of previously called as Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam. The 15th edition became obsolete as it has been published in 2015 and PE Civil Exam syllabus has been undergone some changes within this period.

The 16th edition of PE Civil Reference Manual published on April 23, 2018, and since then it becomes a market best seller because of its contents and changes in presenting the PE Civil exam related theories and problems. This book is being called the best book and the most comprehensive reference book on the PE Civil Exam.

Key Features of PE Civil Reference Manual

  • Covers of all of the exam topics, theories and everything you need to pass the PE Civil Exam.
  • Thoroughly revised and have most up to date information to help in passing PE Civil Exam.
  • More than 100 appendices illustrate the basic and advanced civil engineering.
  • More than 500 example problems are included by practicing which you can avail the beauty of learning civil engineering for the PE Exam.
  • An easy to use glossary defines over 550 common civil engineering terms.
  • Nomenclatures are industry standard and use the most practiced version in real life.
  • Includes thousands of tables, equations and so on to help you use them easier than ever.
  • An easy and robust index helps you to find any topics within seconds from the book.
  • You can carry the book as a reference manual during your PE Civil Exam.
  • Supports both US Customary and SI units.

The best part of this book is, there is a mobile-friendly version that helps you to read and practice PE Civil Exam problems on the go for a payment of $50 only.

Having this book is a lifetime asset as this book contains all sorts of engineering theories, equations and their application. The included information can be a key part of growing your civil engineering career.

Get a Copy of PE Civil Reference Manual by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE-16TH Edition.

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