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Author: Michael R. Lindeburg PE

Edition: 16thPE Civil Reference Manual

ISBN-10: 1591265703

ISBN-13: 978-1591265702

What Are The Best Reasons to have PE Civil Reference Manual-16th ed.?

Michael R. Lindeburg PE is one of the famous authors of several books for the PE Licensure exam.   Everyone knows, PE Licensure is very much important if you want to have a good command over your engineering career. Professional engineering licensure is a  priceless qualification if someone work in different states of the United States of America.

PE Civil Reference Manual was known as Civil Engineering Reference Manual  for the PE Exam (CERM). It is the finest book ever written to make you prepared for the NCEES PE exam. Over the years there are several changes in the syllabus and exam content areas to make it contemporary with the recent inventions in the field of civil engineering.  PE Civil Reference Manual 16th edition is the most updated version for the comprehensive preparation of PE Civil exam. The book is full of necessary texts, problems, solutions, theories, references, tables, charts, etc. This edition will help you prepare according to the  updated syllabus of the  PE Civil exam of NCEES as it did for many other who passed.

Get a Copy of PE Civil Reference Manual-16th Edition-Michael R. Lindeburg, PE

This book is a combination of 1728 pages full of important information that can guide you to crack the Civil Engineering PE Exam on the first attempt.

In general, the book is important to have because for three distinct reasons-

  1. Easy to understandable texts and a robust index to find anything easily.
  2. Good, easy and formatted explanations.
  3. Combines in depth knowledge of civil engineering from the necessary codes.

But in-depth, there may have several reasons-

  • Covers all of the exam topics and theories. You will find everything you need to pass the PE Civil Exam. Thoroughly revised and have the most up-to-date information to help in passing PE Civil Exam.
  • A fully functional deep index, that helps you find any information easier than ever.
  • Easy to find the necessary codes, charts, tables, and related theories.
  • Contains over 500 example problems that help you to grasp core theories and the problems are chronologically solved to meet the demand of civil engineering PE students.
  • A glossary of over 550 commonly used civil engineering terms would help you to understand the in-depth knowledge of civil engineering.
  • Support materials are in over 100 appendices.
  • The author tried to put all of the civil engineering equations, tables, figures, etc. so that you feel comfortable and confident during the exam.
  • Used terminologies and nomenclatures are industry standard.
  • Problems, theories are carried out in both U.S. customary and SI units.
  • You can carry the book as a reference manual during your PE Civil Exam.

The best part of this book is, there is a mobile-friendly version that helps you to read and practice PE Civil Exam Problems on the go for a payment of $59 only. You can purchase the one year or six months access of e-textbook of PE Civil Reference Manual from HERE.

On August 24, 2018, PPI published PPI PE Civil Companion for the 16th edition of the PE Civil Reference Manual. This book is compatible with both PE Civil Reference Manual and PE Civil Practice Problems. PE Civil  Companion can help you to find related topics easily using a smart way of navigating16th edition reference book and practice problems. It contains 550 common civil engineering terms explained as well as 100 appendices that will help you grasp the knowledge presented in the 16th edition civil reference manual more easily. Much recommended.

There are so many reasons you can include in this list but I would not mention them here. But I shall mention that this book could be a good resource for your civil engineering career.

In a broad aspect, the book contains the following topics covered-

1. Construction Engineering

-Earthwork related theories problems and theories

-Estimating of materials and costing involved in projects

-Construction methods and maintenance procedures

-Quality control and Occupational health and safety

-Project planning

2. Structural Engineering

-Structural Design and Analysis; problems and solutions

-Codal provisions in the structural design

-Detailing of concrete and steel structures

3. Geotechnical Engineering

-Soil characteristics and classification

-Soil mechanics

-Laboratory and field tests of soil

-Earthquake engineering and associated loads

-Groundwater and seepage

-Earth structures and their construction

-Deep and shallow foundations

4. Transportation Engineering

-Pavement design, maintenance

-Traffic engineering and management

-Design of highway structures

-Roadside and construction procedures.

-Codes on transportation and traffic engineering

5. Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

-Construction of water structures, design and analysis

-Open channel flow and aquifers

-Low-cost water structures

-Hydraulics of open channel and closed conduit

-Wastewater treatment, sewage treatment

-Drinking water provisions and criteria

-Drinking water distribution and networking system

-Engineering economic analysis.

Get Your Copy of PE Civil Reference Manual by Michael R. Lindeburg-16th ed.

pe civil reference manual 16th ed pdf

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