Book Name: PE Civil Reference Manual

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Author: Michael R. Lindeburg, PE

Edition: 16th

ISBN-13: 978-1591265702
ISBN-10: 1591265703

Why Shall You Have PE Civil Reference Manual?

PE Civil Reference Manual is an updated version of the Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam by the same great same author Michael R. Lindeburg, PE. This book is still the market shaker for those who want to pass Professional Engineering(PE) Exam taken and administered by the NCEES.

The 16th edition of PE Civil Reference Manual is full of new surprises in its contents and orientation of the subject topics of the PE Exam. This is the most comprehensive book for the examinees of PE Exam and is very helpful to crack the exam in the first attempt.  Now the question arises…

What Are the Key Ingredients That Will Make You Succesful?

  • The most comprehensive book for the PE Civil Exam of all time.
  • Covers the exam all PE Civil Exam topics.
  • Theories and examples are well elaborated; not greater or smaller than the required.
  • Will teach you how to grasp the key concepts of civil engineering easily.
  • Texts are easy to understand and super easy to follow.
  • A robust index will help you find any exam topics easily than ever.
  • Explanations to problems and theories are clear and short.
  • Follows the updated NCEES PE Civil Exam syllabus, codes, topics and standards.
  • A great glossary of civil engineering terms that are industry standard.
  • Supports both U.S Customary and S. I Units throughout the book.

Contents In a Brief

          • 90 chapters on PE Exam topics
          • 100 appendices
          • over 500 solved problems
          • Thousands of engineering terms, topics, equations, tables and figures are presented to explain the theories and problems.

        Key Fact

        Consider the situation of not passing the PE Civil Exam. If you have PE Civil Reference Manual which is a combination of 1728 pages will remain as the best companion you have to follow all throughout civil engineering career.

    • [mlink subhd=”Get  Your Book Now” link=”″]PE Civil Reference Manual by Michael R. Lindeburg-16th ed.[/mlink]
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