Book Name: PPI PE Power Reference Manual– Comprehensive Reference Manual for the Closed Book NCEES PE Exam

Author: John A. Camara, PE

Edition: 4th

ISBN-10 : 1591267838

ISBN-13 : 978-1591267836

Contents of PPI PE Power Reference Manual– Comprehensive Reference Manual for the closed Book NCEES PE Exam

PPI PE Power Reference Manual included the following major topics(taken from the table of contents of PPI PE Power Reference Manual)

Topic-I: Mathematics

System of Units, Algebra, Linear Algebra, Trigonometry, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus

Topic-II: Basic Theory

Electromagnetic Theory, Communication Theory, Acoustic and Transducer Theory

Topic-III: Field Theory

Electrostatics, Electrostatic Fields, Magnetostatics, Magnetostatics Fields, Maxwell’s Equations

Topic-IV: Circuit Theory

DC Circuit Fundamentals, AC Circuit Fundamentals, Transformers, Linear Circuit Analysis, Transient Analysis, Time Response, Frequency Response

Topic-V: Generation

Generation Systems, Three Phase Electricity and Power, Batteries, Fuel Clells and Power Supplies

Topic-VI: Distribution

Power Distribution, Power Transformers, Transmission Lines

Topic-VII: System Analysis

Power System Analysis, Analysis of Control Systems

Topic-VII:Protection and Safety

Topic-IX: Machinery and Devices

Rotating DC Machinery, Rotating AC Machinery

Topic-X: Electronics

Electronics Fundamentals, Junction Transistors,  Field Effect Transistors, Electrical and Electronic Devices

Topic-XI: Special Applications

Lightning Protection and Grounding, Illumination, Power System Management

Topic-XII: Measurement and Instrumentation

Topic-XIII:EWlectrical Materials

Topic-XIV: Codes and Standards

Biomedical Electrical Engineering, National Electrical Code, National Electrical Safety Code

Topic-XV: Digital Systems

Digital Logic

Topic-XVI: Professional

Engineering Economic Analysis

Topic-XVII: Support Materials



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How this Book May help You to pass PE Power Exam?

From 2020 pencil and paper-based exams have been transformed to Computer-Based Tests(CBT) for the PE Exams. PE Electrical exam is not different from this rule. So, it means during the exam, you will not be allowed to use any book except the online book provided by the NCEES. There are pros and cons of this system. Previously you can make not, use a reference manual and so many other things during the exam, but now it has been limited to only computer-based books and references. Therefore your preparation should be only for computer-based exams.

For those who are taking PE Electrical: Power exam PPI PE Power Reference Manual could be a great resource to fulfill your study to pass the PE Power exam on the first attempt. This book would be a great resource because-

  • It combines the most necessary exam materials and references in one place.
  • Makes your study more intensive and vibrant.
  • Extensive blue coloring of the equations presented in the NCESS PE Electrical Power Reference Handbook gives you a clear idea of the equations needed.
  • Supportive equations are presented in red color, to let you identify them easily and use them frequently.
  • Follows NCEES PE Electrical Power Reference Handbook thoroughly, so that you never fall behind in pre[parathion.
  • This 4th edition was published on January 31, 2021, so up-to-date codes and references have been used.
  • Helps to streamline your preparation with every topic included.

Get a Copy of PPI PE Power Reference Manual-4th Edition

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