Book Name: Principles of Foundation Engineering

Author: Braja M. Das and Nagaratnam Sivakugan

Edition: 9th

Why Should You Have This Best Selling Foundation Engineering Book?

Braja M. Das is a renowned writer of his era and he wrote much best selling book in the field of geotechnical engineering, soil mechanics and foundation engineering. In thousands of civil engineering schools worldwide, books of B.M. Das are compulsory for undergraduate, graduate and research.

Principles of Foundation Engineering by B. M. Das is one of the most read and practiced book in the field of foundation engineering. Students worldwide are learning the basics of this awesome foundation engineering book. Many more researchers are using this book to complete their research with thoughtful information.

The ninth edition of Principles of Foundation Engineering is full of attractions. It includes new ideas and things that were not present in the previous versions.

Principles of Foundation Engineering, 9e enriches its text with the proper insertion of references of recently done researches. It includes the recent research outputs so that the readers/learners get a full new information of the worldwide practiced foundation techniques.

The new edition includes more pictures, tables, graphs and annexures that will help you learn foundation engineering better than ever. The author B. M. Das emphasized on the worked out problems so that the real-life foundation engineering problems become easy to solve and realistic. The authors included three types of worked out examples, easy problems; simple problems and hard problems. These help the student get a better idea of the concept of solving maths related to foundation engineering.

The realistic approach is one of the key ideas they inserted throughout the book. The authors made a good combination of practiced approaches in foundation engineering and theories. They showed the variation between theory and real-life situation.

This book is a must-have book if you really realize the necessity of learning.

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