Passing FE Civil Exam is easy? I don’t think it is easy for the students who already are in the job for more than 02 years. Our study finds that, If you take the FE Civil Exam within two years of completing your undergraduate, then the passing rate is almost 70% whereas it decreases to 50% in other cases. So, we are suggesting, to take FE Civil Exam within 02 years of completing undergraduate.

But, having references book and practicing books may help you a lot. Many of them who appears for the NCEES FE Exam take FE Review Courses from different sources too. Yes, FE Review Course can help but all you need to study and practice hard to pass the exam.

Today we are going to create a complete listing of all the references, practice problems, practice exam with proper and exact reviews.

This is the first book you need to pass the FE Exam. You can download the PDF version of this book from your MyNCEES account. In the exam hall, you will have access to NCEES FE Reference Book only. NCEES regularly publishes the update of this book and you have to be careful before having this book. From July 2018 NCEES are following NCEES FE Reference Handbook 9.5.

FE Reference Handbook is a must-have book for the FE Civil Exam. You can have the softcopy of the book but I recommend you to buy a printed copy because it is more convenient. Having a printed copy empowers you to read and know more than a computerized copy.

Get Your Copy of NCEES FE Reference Handbook 9.5 

Michael R Lindeburg, PE is one of the best writer/authors in the field of professional engineering licensure. For the students of Civil Engineering Lindeburg’s FE Civil Review is the updated version till date but this book follows the NCEES Reference Handbook version 9.4. Although the contents are more or less same FE Civil Review missed the recent updates of NCEES.

FE Civil Review is the best selling book and is till date most popular to have an overall review on the exam contents. The book covers a wide variety of topics for the FE Civil Exam. Although not updated to the latest version 9.5 but still this book is a winner in its category. The best part of this book is it contains several practice problems with proper solutions. It can also introduce you with the exam topics and make you familiar with the real exam question types.

Get Your Copy of FE Civil Review-Michael R. Lindeburg, PE 

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FE Civil Practice is another mind winner in its category. This book is required to practice the exam like questions. Other than practice, it is an introducer of the real exam like questions. There is over 460 exam like FE Civil questions and solutions. The solutions are step by step and are compatible with the NCEES Reference Handbook. The book covers almost all topics of the exam. The questions in the book can be solved within three minutes and are of the type of multiple choice questions. This is the same as the real FE Exam.

Get Your Copy of FE Civil Practice-Michael R. Lindeburg, PE

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FE Civil Practice Exam is one of the finest books published by the NCEES. The main benefit of using this book is that it is published by the NCEES and the practice problems are also from NCEES brain’s output. So, if you follow the book, you can practice the real exam life problems. Moreover, new exam question types (i.e. fill in the blank question type and point and click type) are also included in this book. This made the book a real competitor in the FE Civil Exam field.

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