Soil is completely an uncertain material. The constituents and elements of soil differs from one place to another widely. Knowing this variation is very important in construction works and therefore we need to know how to stabilize and improve the soil properties.

Soil improvement or stabilization is the process by which we change the behavior and properties of soil for certain loading conditions. This may be temporary or permanent based on the type of work to be done.Types of stabilization and improvement techniques differs based on site condition,loading condition,purpose of use and many more factors. For example, in case of road project the objective of soil stabilization may be to improve the bearing capacity of sub-grade or sub-base so that it can carry the overburden pressure and shows less swelling. For building projects, the objective of soil improvement may be to increase the soils property to act like a mat and to increase the bearing capacity so that it show less settlement and carry greater loads. (Read more on Wikipedia)

There are several methods for stabilization/improvement of soil. The methods are listed below-

  • Chemical Stabilization of soils by using cement, lime etc.
  • Mechanical Stabilization like dynamic compaction of soils
  • Use of polymer for soil stabilization
  • Use of bitumen to stabilize soil
  • Electro osmosis of soil grain to get stabilized soil
  • Use of geotextiles and fabrics to stabilize soil
  • Use of grouting technique to stabilize soil

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