Designing and constructing a building is one of the most wanted dreams of a civil engineer and architect. But designing and constructing a whole and complex structure like the building is not an easy task. Planning, designing and implementing a building project is a troublesome work which needs a great coordinating if you want to do it within the stipulated time.

Funding and time frame of the building project is very important. If you are planning to design your building and construct it then you should have proper funding to cut extra expenses due to long time taking and material wastage.

Let know about the Building design and construction steps-

#Step-1: Test Your Soil Conditions

AS you are intended to construct a building either high rise or a general one, you should know about the soil condition of the existing soil beneath your structure. So, hire a soil boring/testing firm and let them dig borehole and test your soil parameters. They will suggest you the best foundation techniques that can be used in that particular soil as well as bearing capacity of the soil.

# Step-2: Building Architectural Design

Design and plan your building for the better aesthetical view. This can be done by a professional architect who will follow the local rules of building construction to avoid the problem with the local authority.

# Step-3: Pass Your Plan and Elevation from Local Authority

Every country/state forms some rules and regulations regarding building construction. Based on your local rules you may need to pass your building plan and elevation from the local authority. Get the pass and you are almost ready.

#Step-4: Do Structural Design, Foundation Design, and Estimate

If you have completed all of the steps mentioned above, you now need to do the structural design of your building. This can be done by a professional Civil Engineer. Hire a Civil Engineer or any Engineering Firm to complete this step. Designing through a good engineer will ensure the safety of your building and will make it earthquake resistant. Every country follows certain building codes. Do not forget to remind your engineer to follow the local rules to make it safe and durable.

Hired Civil Engineer/Design firm can do an estimate of materials needed and funding needed to construct your building. Please keep in my estimate would not be 100% accurate but will let you know, what types of costs are involved and where you can save some money.

#Step-5: Let’s Construct

You are ready to do physical applications of building construction. Hire a reputed construction firm who can do that for you. Ask them to build the best for you and to not compromise with the quality.

#Step-6: Regular Monitoring

Regularly monitor the construction of your dream as it is very important for you. You can also hire a consultant, who need to possess a graduate degree in Civil Engineering with respective experiences in the construction of the building. Ask your consultant, to report you on each and every progress. Do not rely on the consultant alone. Ask him while he is doing some operation. Be a regular monitor of your construction and wait for the final result.

Be positive throughout the construction process and let your dream building construct finely. Good Luck.

Good Luck.

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