PPI Structural Depth Reference Manual

Author: Alan Williams, Ph. D., SE, FICE, C Eng
Edition: 5th edition

ISBN-10: 159126555X

ISBN-13 : 978-159126555X

How PPI Structural Depth Reference Manual 5th edition for the Civil PE Exam can Help You?

 Structural depth exam is the most difficult of all the PE Civil Engineering exam types. It is believed that the most easiest is the PE Civil Geotechnical depth exam and structural depth to be the hardest.

To pass the NCES PE Civil structural depth exam, you must have to study hard and know in depth knowledge on the structural analysis and details. Your sound knowledge is the only key that can help to pass this hurdle.

To prepare for this hard exam. you should devote a lot of time in studying the basics as well as practice the exam like materials. Moreover, your preparation should be such that you can solve all problems within the specified time.

PPI Structural Depth Reference Manual 5th edition by Alan Williams is believed to the finest book for structural depth exam. There are several reasons behind that thinking.

First we have to know the structural depth exam specifications so that you can understand on which topics you have to study well. Let’s have a check on exam specifications of NCEES PE Structural Exam. You can download the PE structural exam specifications from here.  

 Let’s have a look of the PE Structural Depth Exam Specifications in brief-

Based on the specifications shown above, it is pretty sure that, you have to give emphasize on the design and detailing of structures section to answer approximately 20 questions but analysis of the structures is also a major part. Moreover, you can not ignore codes and construction section of the PE Structural exam too.

Codes You Need to Study

To answer 6 questions from the codes and construction you need to study the following codes-

  • International Building Code (IBC)
  • American Concrete Institute (ACI 318, 530)
  • Precast/ prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI Design Handbook)
  • Steel Construction Manual (AISC)
  • National Design Specifications for Wood Construction(NDS)
  • LRFD Bridge Design Specifications (AASHTO)
  • Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures (ASC56E 7)
  • American Welding Society (AWS D1.1, D1.2 and D1.4)
  • OSHA 1910 General Industry and OSHA 1926 Construction Safety Standards

How Structural Depth Reference Manual Can Help You?

Structural depth reference manual for the civil PE exam 5th edition is the most comprehensive book ever published to help the examinees to pass structural depth portion of the civil PE exam. This book is written keeping the exam in mind and divided into following six parts-

1.  Reinforced concrete design

2. Foundations

3.  Prestressed concrete design

 4. Structural steel design

 5. Design of Wood Structures

 6. Design of Reinforced Masonry

 The chapters are so written that it covers the exam specifications fully. Each of these chapters covers the following exam specifications-

1. Analysis of Structures– Loads and load applications, Forces and Load Effects

2.  Design and Details of Structures– Materials and Material Properties, Component Design and Detailing

3.  Codes and Construction– Codes, Standards and Guidance Documents, Temporary Structures

The main characteristics of this book that can be helpful for the structural depth exam are-

1. Fully comply with the NCEES structural depth exam specifications. The necessary codes has been adopted and presented in a concise manner yet comprehensively.

2. Highlights the most important equations that may be required during the exam.

3. Problem solving methods- ASD and LRFD for steel, strength design for concrete, ASD for timber and masonry are thoroughly explained.

4. Cross-reference throughout the book helps you to connect with the relevant codes, equations and explanations. 

5. Over 95 exam like problems has been solved in step by step. This will prepare you to solve the exam questions within short time. Each chapter comprises of problems by solving you can improve your problem solving skill.

6. A great, robust and through index will help you to find any topics within seconds.

7. You can bring this book to exam that will help you to organize yourself for the exam.

Weak Points of  Structural Depth Reference Manual-5th edition

1. The hard copy is good for the exam, but if you buy the digital copy there is a problem. You can not print it out to bring to exam.

2. Some users suggest that do not rely fully on this book and suggests to keep the codes while studying. Because some of the solved problems are vague in concept, they think. 

PPI Structural Depth Reference Manual

Author: Alan Williams, Ph. D., SE, FICE, C Eng
Edition: 5th edition

ISBN-10: 159126555X

ISBN-13 : 978-159126555X

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