Books Name: Surveying

Author: Jack C. McCormac, Wayne Sarasua, William Davis

Edition: 6th

ISBN-13: 978-0470496619

ISBN-10: 0470496614

Paperback:400 pages

Publisher: Wiley; 6 edition (April 17, 2012)

Language: English


Why Should You Have Surveying by Jack C. McCormac?

Surveying is one of the compulsory subjects for B.Sc in Civil Engineering degree. With the passage of time, the prospects and process of surveying have also changed and in today’s world, it is much necessary to attain knowledge on digital surveying. History of surveying is very much old.

Today’s surveying is very much dependent on various digitization process. Digitization makes it easy to understand various measurements more accurately and precisely. At the present era of uses of electronics, it is very much needed for any surveyor or student to make the proper use of surveying knowledge as well as the use of digital instruments.

As surveying is being used in many areas of engineering fields such as geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, highway engineering, transportation and obviously in construction fields.

Surveying by Jack C. McCormac (6th ed.) is one of the most updated books to gather knowledge about surveying basics to pro level. It will help to communicate between non-engineering and engineering students and professionals.

Application of GIS(Global Information System) and GPS(Global Positioning System) is increasing day by day. Surveying by Jack C. McCormac helps to introduce you with the basic of GIS and GPS and thus increase the basic knowledge.

For students and learners of surveying basics, this book includes several worked out real life surveying problems and solutions to those problems along with several homework problems.

The chapters are well organized and use of good pictures in each of the chapter makes the knowledge more practical, rather than making it an as usual theory based book

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