Books Name: Surveying: Principles and Applications by Barry Kavanagh

Author: Barry Kavanagh and Tom Mastin

ISBN-13: 978-0137009404

ISBN-10: 0137009402

Why Should You Have Surveying: Principles and Applications by Barry Kavanagh?

I guess you are a student of Civil Engineering/Surveying? It’s easy to guess. Because you are here to know how ‘Surveying: Principles and Applications by Barry Kavanagh-9th ed.’ can you help attain good marks or how you can attain some more knowledge about surveying. If I am wrong about your profession than you may be a researcher too, who loves to collect surveying books too.

Whatever your profession be, you will find the heavy/overstressed with engineering books related to surveying. But if you are searching a book with easy to understand texts and well decorated with its chapters and contents than you should try Surveying: Principles and Applications by Barry Kavanagh-9th ed. This book is one of the clearest in its texts and well formatted for clear understanding the concepts. (review here)

This book is not stressed with unused or impractical theories of surveying rather than this book tries to adjust you to the newest and up to date information. You can guess it from its name ‘Surveying: Principles and Applications’. This book elaborates the principles of surveying in easy, understandable user-friendly texts and then tries to relate the principle to the real-life situations and applications. As this book is more application based than the theory it will help you implicate the acquired knowledge to the real life.

This book describes the basic surveying to modern techniques as well as some of the thumb rules. For example, this book describes topics like remote sensing and much more recently invented technology. As this book is designed for the best simplicity ever possible you will find it easy to acquire knowledge on complicated topics. This book covers basics starting from principle to mapping and engineering.

Advanced surveying techniques are discussed with ease and with real life example.

The 9th ed. of Surveying: Principles and Applications by Barry Kavanagh add more information to the fields of aerial and space surveying,  GIS, GPS. Land Surveying is one of the major topic covered in this book extensively.

As this book is more practical and application based, professionals and students who want to add more information to their knowledge, this book could be a great help for them as a personal assistant.

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