Book Name: Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics (Get Now)

Author: Frederick E. Giesecke, Alva Mitchell, Henry C. Spencer, Ivan L. Hil, John T. Dygdon, James E. Novak, R. O. Loving, Shawna E. Lockhart, Cindy Johnson, Marla Goodman
Edition: 15th
ISBN-13: 978-0134306414
ISBN-10: 0134306414

How Could This Book Help To Learn 3D AND 2D CAD?
Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics is one of the market sellers for those who want to learn CAD. The full-color 15th edition is full of new surprises and helpful sections, models, problems and so on. The instructions are clear and complete so that you can learn the 3D model generation and 2D documentation drawings more easily than ever.
This 3D CAD reference book has superb illustrations, clear and understandable text, step by step process and navigation that helps the reader to acquire the knowledge and apply it to the real-life problems. Moreover, the author used real-life problems in illustrating and summarizing the ideas and concepts which would really benefit the user.

Key Features of Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics

  • Fully colored text, pictures, screenshots allow you to understand every detail.
  • Texts are easy to follow.
  • Chapter openers are appealing and motivate you to look further.
  • Useful information for example weblinks, standards have been provided before starting a chapter
  • Theories, basic information provided in each chapter.
  • Navigations are made easy and importance of each item chapter has been marked.
  • Explanations are clearer than ever. Drawing techniques, variations and examples are well organized.
  • Real life example drawings have been included in the portfolio section.
  • Summaries and review section help you to learn effectively.

Many of the users reported that print version is friendlier than the web/pdf version. So I will recommend you to have the print version along with the pdf version so that you can get the utmost learning experience.

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