KItchen is one of the most important parts of any house. Everyone wants a well-built kitchen instead of having a non-organized one. 

For example, you have a kitchen idea but you want to see how it looks in real life. If you build it and then don’t like it, a lot of money will go to waste. The best way to stop money wastage is to create a 3D layout of the kitchen first and then check how it looks. But the thing is, creating 3D layouts is not an easy task and there is almost no free tool to do that. Popular tools like AutoCAD, 3Ds max, etc. need to have good expertise and well, it is associated with money. You can not have this software for free of course.

In these circumstances, many people tend to hire a freelancer or company who will make the 3D layout. But this may not meet your expectation as well as money associated with that too.

So, the question is, is there any free and easy-to-use tool? We will answer that question today.

Roomtodo: One place, free solution

Roomtodo is free web software that allows you to design your room or house. It will help you to remodel your room components. While doing a modeling or remodeling of the house convenient use of the roomtodo software made it a trusted web software to the interior designers and layout planners.

For example, If you want an extra sofa in your living room or want to put a cabinet in your kitchen. But before putting it in, you should know how would it look? The best way to pre-check your thinking is to use a free online layout planner ‘Roomtodo.

Why you should use roomtodo to pre-check your design? The reason summarised as below-

  1. You can add whatever you want. For example, you have a column at one end of your house that would hinder the renovation or building process. You can make that column easily and measure how your new amenities should be. Not only columns every structural component can be added as per need.
  2. It is an easy tool, that needs no expertise. Even a beginner with modeling can use it for free.
  3. The interface of this online 3D layout tool is quite easy to understand and it has everything in it. You can drag and drop the thing you need to place. The drag and drop feature made it extremely convenient for non-technical users to design a room, apartment, or a luxury flat
  4. Till now we were talking about 3D. Let’s think of 2D. You can create a 2D layout with ease and within a very short time. You can switch between 2D to 3D within a very short time.
  5. Using the import feature you can import your current drawing and change the layout. Whoa, that’s great, isn’t it?
  6. You can add structural elements. For example, you can add windows, doors, arches, etc to your room plan to demonstrate how will look, after building.
  7. Interior design was no easier. To do the interior design you can easily create objects of any shape, any color. There are pre-made furniture that you can put and check.
  8. The viewing experience is important. Roomtodo features a lot of viewing angles. Moreover, you can view the room as you are walking in the room. That’s great, isn’t it?

How roomtodo can help in making a layout for the kitchen?

As already said, a full-furnished kitchen creates the environment to cook healthy foods. Using roomtodo kitchen layout planner interior design, and 3D model of a kitchen can be easily made. 

Kitchen furniture is a bit different than others and roomtodo has it prepared for you. Just change the dimensions and see the magic!

Further ahead: Fixing all details

Basic and great things can be done using the free plan. But if you subscribe to the pro plan of roomtodo the world of opportunities will be open to you. Let me explain!

These days, interior design is more customer-oriented. Whenever we think of the perfect interior of the kitchen or other rooms, we think it would be a great combination of themes, colors and so on.

For example, the walls of a kitchen are often made of dark-colored tiles. But if you provide only one color tile, it may look gloomy. So you need to try different combinations.

On the walls of the kitchen, you may put brick-colored tile and black-colored tiles in a thematic combination. This work can be done with the pro plan.

Paintings or images are often a part of today’s interior. You can put colorful pictures of your own choice if you have a pro plan.

Adding the wallpaper can add extra variety to your kitchen room and roomtodo can do that quite easily. With a pro plan, you can add textures you want and edit them as many times as you want to know which textures suites the best.

Adding rugs can change the look of your room. Add your own rugs or add a pre-made rug. It’s your choice.

The best thing about having a pro plan is customer support. Although it is extremely easy to use roomtodo, still you may need some sort of help and advice to utilize it fully. With a pro plan, a priority support comes in. You can get advice on your design, drawing, and layout within no time.

At this point, you are thinking this product must be pricey. First of all, most of the advanced options are free to use without spending a penny! For some extra features, you may need to purchase the pro plan and it is super cheap in comparison to other available options.