Getting a professional engineering license is the what you are now aimed at? Then you must already be passed in FE Exam and completed your 16 years of schooling with a major in one of the following subjects-

  1. Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  2. Architectural Engineering
  3. Chemical
  4. Civil
  5. Control Systems
  6. Electrical and Computer
  7. Environmental
  8. Fire Protection
  9. Industrial and Systems
  10. Mechanical
  11. Metallurgical and Materials
  12. Mining and Mineral Processing
  13. Naval Architecture and Marine
  14. Nuclear
  15. Petroleum
  16. Software
  17. Structural

But today we are going to discuss PE Civil Engineering Preparation and will give you a complete idea on which books could be really useful to confirm you that you need not appear for the second time in the PE Exam.

Top 5 Books To Prepare for PE Civil Engineering

Book-1: PE Civil Reference Manual, 16th edition, Michael R. Lindeburg (Get Now)

Many of the PE Examinees who passed the PE Civil Exam mentioned that PE Civil Reference Manual(16th ed.) is the ultimate book to prepare yourself for the PE Civil Exam. This book is a complete reference guide that provides almost all of the necessary information as well as practice problems. The best part is that there are several PE Exam practice problems or practice exam books written by the same author that will comply with the contents of this book and can be used at the same time. The book is the most comprehensive reference book because-

  • Have a robust and improved index that will help you find any topic within a moment.
  • Have good practicing supporting books(List Here)
  • 500 clarifying problems will judge your preparation
  • Covers almost all topics of the NCEES PE Civil Exam
  • Updated to the latest changes of NCEES Syllabus, codes, rules, regulations and references.

Professional Engineer pe exam pdf

Book-2: Civil Engineering All-In-One PE Exam Guide: Breadth and Depth, Third Edition, Indranil Goswami, PE (Get Now)

This book is new and is running on its third edition compared to the PE Civil Reference Manual. But as this book is new it contains much new information. This book is also a good book with its contents and can be a good alternative to the PE Civil Reference Manual. Moreover, this book is budget friendly and you can have the book spending almost one-third of its competitors. The key features of this book-

  • Comes with more than 190 standard PE Exam preparation practice problems of which solutions are exact and follows NCEES recommended methods
  • Covers all topics of the PE Civil Exam
  • Follows NCEES updated syllabus


Book-3: PE Civil Practice Problems,16th edition, Michael R. Lindeburg, PE  (Get Now)

If you want to pass the PE Civil Exam you need to practice a lot. Practice problems will judge your preparation and will introduce you with the standard questions you are going to face during your exam. Through practicing problems your basic of engineering theories will improve and will make you more confident to face the toughest conditions.

The key features of this book-

  • Over 900 practice problems included with proper solutions
  • Can be used with the PE Civil Reference Manual by the same author.
  • Follows updated syllabus and NCEES recommended solution methods
  • Problems are carried out both in US Customary and SI Units.


Book-4: PE Civil Quick Reference, 16th edition, Michael R. Lindeburg, PE (Get Now)

Running out of time and your PE exam is knocking at the door? If you do not have enough time to prepare yourself for the PE Exam then you can choose PE Civil Quick Reference written by the Michael R. Lindeburg, PE. This book is full of quick and most necessary equations, tables, figures, appendices and references you may need them in the exam time. This book is a companion of PE Civil Reference Manual and if you buy the PE Civil Reference Manual then buying this book is a waste of money as it contains the necessary items from the former book.


Book-5: Civil Engineering PE Practice Exams: 2 Full Breadth Exams (Get Now)

This book has been published on January 25 of 2018. So you can expect that all of the information is up to date, revised and follows the latest NCEES syllabus, methods and references. This book contains 80 practice problems with solutions. Solutions are exact and related references have been given to you so that you can understand the basics easily. The practice problems are formatted so that they represent the original exam questions and prepare your inner basics of civil engineering. This book could be a life changing book if you want to pass the PE Exam on the first attempt.

Civil PE Practice Exam

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