Book Name: Transportation Depth Six-Minute Problems for the PE Civil Exam

Author: Norman R. Voigt PE PLS

Edition: Seventh

ISBN-13: 978-1591266211
ISBN-10: 1591266211

How Can This Book Help in Passing the PE Civil Exam?

If you are planning to appear to sit for the PE Civil Exam with a concentration on transportation engineering, then you are at right place to get your proper practice book. Transportation Depth Six-Minute Problems for the PE Civil Exam is one of the finest books that can prepare you for the depth section of your exam.

All of us know that solving problems within six minutes is important for the PE Civil Exam. That is because on an average you will get around six minutes to solve each question on the exam day. Transportation depth six-minute problems will help you in attaining this attribute of PE Civil Exam. The book may also help you to-

  • familiarize you with the exam scope and type.
  • Helps you identify which type of problems you may face during PE Exam.
  • Helps you to pick individual problems solving skills for the PE Civil Transportation Depth Exam.
  • Will help you to organize the references you will use on exam day.

The Key Features of This Book May Be Summarised as follows

  • 91 Multiple choice problems that can be solved in six minutes in  10 chapters.
  • Each chapter is related to specific exam topics.
  • Problems are prepared from mid-level to difficult level.
  • Solutions to the problems are exact and follow recommended methods.
  • Problems are associated with a hint so that you can grow your problem-solving skills.
  • Almost all of the topics have been covered.
  • Even if you are not attending PE Transportation Depth Exam, this book could be a source of good transportation-related information throughout your career.

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