Book Name: Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics (Get Now)

Author: Ferdinand P. Beer, Russel Johnston, David Mazurek

Edition: 11th

ISBN-13: 978-0077687304
ISBN-10: 0077687302

How Vector Mechanics For Engineers: Statics May Help You?

Mechanics or Engineering Mechanics is a common subject in many civil engineering, aeronautical engineering and mechanical schools of the USA. Hence a lot of students need to study this subject to complete their graduation and have some good knowledge on how mechanics are working around each and every material in this world.

A very good basic is necessary while studying engineering mechanics or vector mechanics. Students with low grade basic often need to re-take the course and that’s the reason you need a good textbook from where you can grasp the knowledge properly and apply them in your daily tasks as well as in exam halls.

Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics by Ferdinand P. Beer is a widely followed book on many engineering schools of the USA because of its contents, presentation of information, ease of text, widely variable solved problems and exercise problems. The book is completely different in many aspects from its previous versions as it contains the thoroughly revised texts, problems and related theories. Moreover, the author separated the mechanics of rigid bodies from the mechanics of particles which allows the book to be used for elementary mechanics courses as well as in advanced courses.

Key Features of Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics(11th edition) are

  • The logical way of expressing basic principles, theories, problems and solutions.
  • The vague issues in the text have been repaired to make it more easy and understandable to the students and instructors.
  • Exercise sets have been refreshed with new sets of questions.
  • Example problems have been checked for accuracy and contents.
  • 650 exercise problems have been thoroughly revised.
  • Texts have been made easy to make it clearer than ever before.
  • Can be used both for primary mechanics teaching, learning to advanced teaching or learning.
  • Texts are so written that the book can be used without taking help from others.
  • Practical problems have been incorporated.
  • This book could be very useful for the aeronautical engineering, civil engineering and mechanical engineering and related students of engineering.

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