Books name: Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource Recovery

Author: Inc. Metcalf & Eddy, George Tchobanoglous, H. David Stensel, Ryujiro Tsuchihashi, Franklin L. Burton

Edition: 5e

Why Should You Have Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource Recovery?

What is a waste? The answer is, what we through out after use is becoming a waste and that way we are producing a lot of waste every day.

Water is not a different issue in that context and on in every single day we are producing a lot of wastewater.  The percentage of sweet water in earth is about 2.5% of which 0.3% available as surface water to be used by all of the mankind and animals.(Source: Wikipedia)

More importantly, we consume about 40-60 gallons/person/day of sweet water.(Source)

On an average 70% of the wastewater generated by the United States people are being recycled in the proper way of which only 0.4% are being used for proper meaning. So it is clear that most of the wastewater is being back to nature without proper treatment.

If you are a student or researcher on wastewater engineering, you should know how important wastewater science is important for the mother earth. Moreover, it is also important to recover the important resources from the wastewater to make a greener world. In the consequences of today’s world, it is becoming more important than choosing your president, didn’t it?

Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource Recovery by Metcalf & Eddy, 5e is the thorough update of its previous editions. This book is being used as a textbook in many schools of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and wastewater engineering throughout the United States of America. The faith of the engineering schools is becoming popular day by day because of the unique features of Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource Recovery-

  • The history and present condition of wastewater generation and treatment are discussed thoroughly so that you can understand the need of wastewater engineering.
  • Regulatory changes and actions taken are described so that you can understand the peoples and nations urge to treat wastewater.
  • Various waste generation cycles are discussed.
  • Various uses of wastewater are discussed such as wastewater as potable and drinking water.
  • Wastewater can be used as an energy source and the process of such using of wastewater has been described.
  • The ways to back the nutrients to the nature from wastewater has been shown.
  • Advanced methods of wastewater treatment technologies are presented both in pictorial and written format so that it comes to you with real life scenario.
  • Fundamentals of microbiology and physiology in wastewater are described in clear texts and photographs.
  • Includes wastewater sludge treatment process.
  • Wastewater sludge uses described.
  • Management of biosolids is discussed using flow diagrams and easy to understand texts.
  • Includes the impacts of the green house and carbon foot prints.

Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource Recovery by Metcalf & Eddy is one of the finest book ever written on wastewater engineering which includes very basic to advanced level of wastewater treatment technologies,  sludge removal, sludge treatment and everything you need to study before getting a degree,

Moreover, this book contains several equations, flow diagrams, photographs, a glossary of terminologies, appendices, tables, charts to make the wastewater treatment context easy and understandable to you. The best thing of Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource Recovery is the clear and understandable text which allows you to discover the knowledge from a fine book.

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