FE Exam is the must PASS exam if you want to be a professional engineer. But undergraduate students often feel hesitate to take the exam although it is permitted by some of the states.

Passing the FE and PE helps to build a good career in engineering field. The PE degree holders often get paid much higher than the others. Moreover, they can start practising engineering in their own way. It is often said that, PE degree holders starts their own business of consulting other engineering firms and earn much than the others in a passive way.

The PE pass’ers have another opportunity. They can sign the documents required by the states to approve drawings, designs and cost estimates.

Keeping all this positive sides of FE and PE Exam, princeton.edu prepared a presentation to let its students know the benefits of taking FE Exam during their last semester of undergraduate studies.Get the document from the following links and get motivated to take the FE Exam while you are in study.

Fundamentals of Engineering/Engineer-in-Training Importance, Application and Format